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Workplace Health & Safety

Your safety is of utmost importance to us.  Whilst on a temporary assignment with Stenhouse Recruitment you are fully covered by Workers Compensation Insurance. 

Temporary's Responsibility

It is your responsibility on assignment to ensure your safety and the safety of your work colleagues.  Please ensure you become familiar with the client's Workplace Health and Safety Policy.

Stenhouse Recruitment's Responsibility

  • Visit all client premises and conduct a Site Safety Inspection
  • Provide all temporary staff with Workplace Health & Safety Induction

What do I do if I injure myself on assignment?

  • If the injury occurs on the client's premises notify your direct supervisor immediately and contact Rosemaree Ellis from Stenhouse Recruitment as soon as possible after the incident.  Even if it appears minor at the time, we need to be aware of potential hazards as well as injuries.
  • If the injury occurs on the way to or from work, contact Stenhouse Recruitment immediately.  Rosemaree Ellis is the main contact for all Workplace Health & Safety matters at Stenhouse Recruitment.

Computer Work - Recommended Posture

As many of our temporary staff work on computers and some for the majority of the day, we have provided some guidelines on setting up your office space.   Click on the link below to access the PDF document.

Work Posture at a Computer

Keep your Neck and Back Healthy through Deskercise!

This is a great article from the Life etc Magazine in early 2008.  Whilst is covers some of the basics of working at a computer there are also some great and simple exercises you can do at your desk to keep your neck and back healthy.


WorkCover Queensland

More information about WorkCover Queensland can be obtained on their Website
You can download a Online Claim Form the WorkCover Queensland Website.