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Timesheet and Payroll Information

As a Temporary you are employed by Stenhouse Recruitment and we are therefore responsible for processing your pay, submitting Superannuation and tax on behalf of our clients.

Our aim is to provide our Temporary staff with 100% accuracy in the processing of wages.  We know how important your pay and entitlements are to you.

  • Wages are paid directly into your bank account weekly following the week worked.  Pay day is Wednesday.  In weeks designated by a public holiday, any changes to pay day will be advised the week prior. 
  • Payment Advices are emailed Weekly on a Monday to the email address you supplied when registering with us.  If you would like to change this address, please contact us.
  • Tax Declaration - prior to commencing in your first assignment, please ensure you have completed a Tax Declaration form.  
  • Wages Direct Deposit Form - We require this Form to be completed prior to your first pay so we are able to deposit your pay directly into your bank account. You received this form in the e-mail confirming your assignment.  If you require another copy you can download the PDF version (print and complete) or MS Document version to complete online, save and email to Stenhouse.  
  • Timesheets are to be signed by yourself and the client on a weekly basis.  We suggest that you fill in your timesheet on a daily basis to ensure your record keeping is accurate.  In the event that your timesheet is not signed by your direct supervisor we will be unable to process your wages.  You can download a PDF version (print and complete) or a MS Document version to complete online, save and email to Stenhouse.
  • Faxed Timesheets are to be received by Stenhouse by Friday at 5.00pm.  Any subsequent variation should be advised as soon as possible to allow for adjustment prior to processing your pay.
  • Overtime may be applicable if you work over 38 hours in the week.  The email sent to you by your Consultant confirming your temporary assignment would have confirmed if overtime would be applicable on each individual assignment.  Any overtime worked must be approved by your direct supervisor prior to it being worked.  Please have your direct supervisor sign next to the day you have worked overtime so we are aware it has been approved. 
  • Superannuation and Choice of Superannuation is offered by Stenhouse Recruitment.  We contribute the statutory 9.5% superannuation on your behalf on a quarterly basis once the monthly threshold has been reached.  The default fund for your Superannuation contributions is Kinetic Super.   If you choose your own superannuation fund you will be required to Complete a Standard Choice Form and provide Stenhouse with ALL supporting documentation.  The Temporary KIT mailed to you provided a copy of this form for you to complete.  If you require another copy, please contact Stenhouse.