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I do not seem to be getting many responses to my Resume when applying for jobs.  Do you have any tips?

There are many reasons why any resume will or will not "hit the mark" when applying for jobs.  Here are some pointers below;

  1. Ensure you are applying for positions that closely match your experience.  If you are applying for positions a number of levels above your current position or seeking a change in career, you need to clearly articulate why you would be suitable for the position to which you are applying.  Outline the specific qualities and experience you bring to the role to "sell" yourself above the other candidates who would appear to have more of what the employer is looking for.  You need to make it easy for employers to understand.
  2. List your jobs commencing with the most recent first, provide accurate dates and list all the tasks you have performed in bullet point format.  It is also helpful to provide reasons for leaving in your resume as this assists in answering a recruiter or employers questions when they are reading your resume. 
  3. Ensure your resume does not have any errors.  Proof read your resume or better still get someone you trust to do this for you.  Every day we receive  resumes with errors and the majority of employers place a large emphasis on accuracy and your Resume is the only way you can demonstrate this.
  4. Make sure you are contactable.  Ensure you have voicemail either on your home phone or mobile so that you are easily contactable.

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