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At Stenhouse Recruitment it is all about CHOICE

Stenhouse Recruitment Unbundled Services

  Choose only the parts of the recruitment process you need
  Cut through the volume quickly
  Buy expertise in the areas you need when you need them


Stenhouse Recruitment Services provide a unique service designed to provide you with Recruitment CHOICES.  We assist you in making the right choice by providing "unbundled" services in the areas that save you time and where specialist skill is required.

Select from the following individual services;

 Advertising Writing Advertisements that attract the right candidate first time.  We can also assist with uploading advertisements that are confidential.
 Resume Screening Let us help you cut through the volume of responses and provide you with a quality shortlist to work from.
 Telephone Screening Minimise unwanted interviews with tailored competency based telephone screening.
Online Skills Assessments  Ensure the people you hire have the skills required to succeed in the position.  This service is also great to identify potential areas of development in your current staff or potential hires.  A sample list of positions and applicable skills is available here.  For a full list of over 500 available assessments click here
Attendance at Interviews For employers who interview irregularly or require some additional support in interviews our professionally trained consultants can provide an interview platform free from bias.
 Reference Checking With ever changing laws and privacy considerations, reference checking can be a legal minefield.  When you also take into consideration that referees are more open with an objective third party undertaking a reference than the direct employer, there are many reasons why references should be conducted by a professional recruitment consultant.  References are tailored to the requirements of the position.

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You will be surprised how cost effective these individual services can be!