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At Stenhouse Recruitment  Services we are aware of the radically  changing world of work especially over the past 5 years.  From globalisation to the changing demographics of the working population, businesses are struggling to attract and retain top talent. 

You Tube Shift HappensIf you have not already seen the You Tube video presentation, Shift Happens by Karl Fish (modified by Scott McLeod) about the Globalisation and the Information Age, I would suggest you take a look (6 minutes)


As a business owner or manager, your ability to attract and retain staff is affected by:  

  • Technological advances
  • Generational differences
  •  Labour force trends
  • Workforce expectations

 Current employee perceptions

"A job for life is a form of imprisonment" referring to Generation Y (SMH 30/09/2006)
An attractive salary is a core expectation rather than a differentiating attribute
"Employer of Choice" claim does not impress 52% of candidates

Shift your thinking

If we consider that mobility is the norm today, we need to re-think what it means to attract and retain talent.  Find out more in our individual links on each of the strategy areas below.  We have also provided sample Attraction and Onboarding Checklists.



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Onboarding Happy Team


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