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What is important to you?

Stenhouse Recruitment Employer pictureHonesty
Experienced consultants who know my business
ional representation of my company and brand
Extended guarantee periods
Quality recruitment processes
Candidates matched to the job and will "fit" with us
Flexibility to choose the services I want

At Stenhouse Recruitment we are focused on how best we can support our clients to achieve their goals.  From flexible service offerings to superior customer service we are here to support you.

When undertaking a full recruitment process, we are so sure we can find staff that are committed for the long term that we offer a 6 month guarantee, double the industry standard to clients who work with us exclusively*





If you prefer to select specific "parts" of the recruitment process that we can assist you with then perhaps our Unbundled Services are what you need.  From screening to skills assessment, this service offers you the opportunity to select and pay for only the services you require.  For more information Click here.  

We guarantee to

  • Be honest and transparent in our business relationships
  • Take ownership of the recruitment process to completion
  • Represent your business professionally
  • Have professionally trained consultants work with you
  • Provide a quality shortlist of candidates matched to your corporate culture
  • Respond rapidly to any issues raised including honouring replacement guarantees

See our Success Stories from our clients and job seekers

*Stenhouse Recruitment must be provided with the position to work on exclusively and the position must be placed during the period of exclusivity.  Full conditions are available in our Terms of Business.  Please contact your consultant for a copy or further details.