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Interview Tips


You only get one chance to make a first impression

Preparation is the key



Your Recruitment Consultant will provide you with information about the company and the position, however you should not rely on this information alone. 

Research Yourself
Be prepared to answer questions about yourself including;

  • Short and long term career goals i.e. 12 months and 3-5 years
  • Explain any "gaps" in employment eg study or family commitments etc
  • Reasons for leaving positions.  Employers do reference checks so ensure you are honest and keep your explanations on a positive note
  • Know your market value and be prepared to specify the salary range you are seeking
  • Examples of situations where you have demonstrated key characteristics required for the position i.e. team work, project completion, customer service

Research the Organisation
Many employers will ask what you know about the organisation.  Be prepared with;

  • The size of company and ownership
  • Location of offices and head office location
  • History - length of time in business
  • Products / Services
  • Major competitors
  • Industry trends
  • Names and titles of the people on the interview panel
  • Knowledge of the position and the key qualities they are seeking for this position

Interview Performance

  • Arrive on time or a few minutes early
  • Dress appropriately - generally employers would like you to present one notch above what is expected in the work environment
  • Be friendly and respectful to everyone
  • Smile - even if you are nervous try not to let it show
  • Maintain eye contact with all interviewers
  • Answer questions honestly
  • Have some questions ready to ask
  • Remember to never speak disrespectfully of your previous employer in an interview setting.  Keep things on a positive note.

How to dress appropriately
The most important thing to remember when choosing an outfit for interview is that you match it to the industry and job you are interviewing for.  What is outlined below is for your more traditional office environments;

  • Think classic style - coordinated jacket, skirt or pants, or dress.  
  • Remember the length of your skirt or dress.  You may have to sit down in interview directly opposite your interviewer and you need to be comfortable! 
  • For women, ensure your top is not too revealing when you sit or lean forward as you would in interview.
  • Appropriate shoes - these should be business shoes and not high heels that you would go out clubbing in.
  • People notice your hands, so ensure your nail polish is an appropriate colour and not chipped. 
  • Be aware of distracting jewellery at interview.  Long dangly earrings and bangles that jangle are distracting.  You want the interviewer to listen to you and not be distracted by your jewellery! 

For further assistance please speak with your Stenhouse Recruitment Consultant who will be more than happy to assist